r e s e t  was created by three women wanting to share their passions with their local community in hope that it would create a rippling effect of balance and connection, beginning with every individual that attends these events.  

r e s e t combines yoga, breathwork, acupressure and aromatherapy to achieve relaxation and a deep connection of both mind and body.

Local Collaborations:

r e s e t  has become a platform for small businesses and local teachers to be discovered. As a team we try to bring together awesome people creating cool, local and sustainable movements for the betterment of our community and planet.

Meet The Team:

Amanda Hertzberg of Planta Wellness:

Amanda found her way to Miami from Utah in 2012 and immediately fell in love with the local wellness community. It was at this time that she found a passion for nutrition, yoga and overall wellness. Today she teaches power, vinyasa and yin yoga classes with a concentration on breathe and fluid movement.


She will graduate this spring from the University of Miami with a degree in public relations and minor in marketing.  Amanda applies her strategic communication skills, natural attention to detail and passion for customer service to actively grow Reset and improve the customer experience.


Amanda's vision for Reset is to create a rippling effect of mindfulness beginning with herself and reaching every individual. It is also her hope that Reset creates a sense of universal community where individuals leave feeling more

connected to every single person they interact with.

Carolina Montoya of LÜM:

Carolina always knew she wanted to help others.
Believing medicine was the only job that could truly fulfill her; she pursued a career in Biology and Chemistry

at the University of Miami. After graduating, life guided her towards alternative ways of healing, changing her view of health and life. Most of the time disease doesn’t just happen; there is a strong
emotional and spiritual component behind it.


Carolina decided she didn’t just want to treat a “body”,
she wanted to treat a PERSON (Mind, Body, and Soul).
She then pursued a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. To Reset, she brings knowledge of balancing the mind and body to further enhance and complement the Reset experience.

Lina Chaparro of LÜM:

Lina grew up with yoga and meditation as
family traditions. After studying advertising
she became involved in her family's spa, at the time,
the only sanctuary of its kind in her city.

There, she realized not only the need for alternative ways to heal the body and mind but also the importance of making it exciting and accessible.


She began LÜM Events, a weekly gathering where women in her community could unwind through curated relaxation rituals.


In her search for alternative practices she has become certified in The Wim Hof Breathing Method, Neurolinguistic Programming, Universal Yoga & more.

Today, she dedicates all her energy to implementing new ways of enriching the Reset experience.